Amy Pascale

flag United States
5' 4"
Plainfield, IL
6 Years

Amy is a small but strong all-around player. She is fierce as a jammer and solid as a blocker. She plays on multiple teams around the area and is an excellent team player and representative of the USARS organization.

  • 2017 USARS NationalsThird Place
  • 2016 USARS NationalsThird Place

Amy has been playing roller derby in the Chicago area for 6 years. She joined the Red Hots three years ago and has participated in the last three USARS National Championships.

Club Wins Loses Win rate
Chicago Red Hots 1 1 50
Points per Game
Penalties per Game
Interview with Amy

Where were you born?
Evergreen Park, IL

Current Occupation
English fluency tutor at Carl Sandburg Elementary School

How old were you when you first skated?
I was 38 when I started playing roller derby.

What college did you attend?
Midwestern University

Did you practice any other sports in high school or college?
I did dance, cheer, and gymnastics.

What you would tell a young girl who wanted to play roller derby?
Do it!

What is your favorite thing about roller derby?
I like the sport aspect of it. This is my first team sport and it’s a perfect match for me.

How far you travel to practice?
30-45 minutes

What has been the best roller derby game you have played?
A mixer for Leaf River.

Have you played roller derby on other teams?
Southland Slashers and Aurora 88s.

What is your favorite city in the world?
Sedona, Arizona

What is your favorite T.V. show?
Modern Family

What you do for charity/volunteering?
I help out with St. Jude, Easter Seals and  at pet shelters.

Who would you most like to meet?
My husband’s father

What’s hot right now?
Red Hots!

What’s not right now?
Unkind people