Our Sport

Roller derby has been around for a long time, since 1935 to be precise. Throughout the years, new iterations of the sport have come and gone. Some reincarnations have been more successful than others, but none has ever been affiliated to the world of organized sports. Until now.

Today’s roller derby is different. In fact, there are two styles of the sport today, the traditional style that started around 10 years ago and that is characterized by an intense DIY and grassroots philosophy; and the newer style, which is defined by its interest in mainstreaming the sport and align its philosophy to the established world of sports and the International Olympic Committee.

The new style is governed in the United States by USA Roller Sports, and it is affiliated to the US Olympic Committee and, at the International level, to World Skate (previously FIRS), both of who accepted the sport as an official discipline in 2012. Roller Derby is now recognized as an official discipline under the International Olympic Committee and is one of the sports that competes in the World Roller Games, organized by World Skate, the International Federation of all roller sports.

The Chicago Red Hots are proud to be the only club in our city affiliated to all these organizations and playing the new style of roller derby. Among many other differences, the rules of this new style, also known as the International Rules, forbid stopping or standing on the track and promote speed and athleticism.  Get ready for FAST derby!